Since my earliest years, I've stood in many worlds, not indigenous anywhere yet, like a chameleon, adapting everywhere. My life began along the Adriatic Sea. I spent childhood summers at the Atlantic Ocean and was educated in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. I've lived in the Andes, Blue Ridge Mountains, and Hawaiian Islands, and crisscrossed most of Latin America, Europe, Asia, southern Africa, New Zealand, and beyond. Since 2005, I've been residing on the coast of northern California, where the Pacific Ocean has a major impact on my daily sensory experience. 


As a long-time writer and editor, I'm familiar with what it takes to convey ideas and emotions to others. I used words to do it. Now I communicate through textile art because it's exhilarating to engage with color, texture, line, shape and space, pattern and design. I'm fascinated by how textiles have been central to human life since it began. They play a universal role in celebrating beauty and imparting feelings, in telling stories about the cultures that create them and marking stages of the life cycle as well as expressing the relationship people have to their environment. 

This passion for textiles surged whenever I was involved in various building and remodeling projects. Excited by the visual and tactile qualities of the fabric swatches I was handling, I found myself yearning to create art with them. Many classes and workshops later, I regularly learn new techniques in dyeing, manipulating, and embellishing cloth.  

Although I am partial to Japanese aesthetics--what I’ve come to call “simple elegance” or “elegant simplicity”-- I also enjoy experimenting with others. My textile wall pieces are in an abstract style.

Kinesthetically and visually oriented, I make design decisions by what I feel in my body as I view the work in progress. Because I don't impose a fixed idea on a piece, I don't know ahead of time exactly what it will be. I let it reveal itself as it grows organically, similar to how a sculptor chisels away until the figure-form latent within the stone or wood is released. I aim for excellence in expression rather than fastidious perfection, so that the viewer's personal experience can be  memorable and meaningful.

I value spontaneity, intuition, and serendipity. Each piece I create, whether for a particular person, exhibition, or general exploration, embraces these qualities. I work improvisationally rather than conceptually. I begin by picking up a fabric because I’m drawn to its pattern or texture, or because I want to experiment with a color, or because a feeling/idea is prompting me to make it tangible and visible. I pull out more fabrics and move them around on my design wall, positioning and rearranging, adding and discarding, until the combination of lines, colors, shapes, and textures tells me "yes!"

I employ a wide variety of cloth—commercial, ethnic, hand-dyed—made from cotton, silk, wool, linen, and other fibers. Because I support recycling and repurposing, my collection also incorporates fabric that once had another home, including kimonos, obis, and remnants of them that I gathered in Japan, as well as interior design samples that would otherwise go into a landfill. They all make my art unique and unduplicable. 

   auditioning fabrics 

 more auditioning  

final version