Environment exerts a profound influence as I witness, with awe, how the ever-changing light transforms the colors and textures of land, sea, and sky from dawn till nightfall. The movements, sounds, and hues of water are integral to my sensibility. I'm drawn to the simplicity and universality of geometric shapes and flow lines wherever I look. I observe that space is as important as form, if not more so.


Art offers us moments of now, in which we let go of the past and the future, let go of the constant stream of data rushing through us. It offers an opportunity to pause and be still, leaving behind, even if only briefly, the tumult and busyness of everyday life. Whether we're viewing or creating, art has the power to provide not only an experience of aesthetic pleasure, but also a refuge where it's possible to be fully present and know the timelessness of serenity. A moment of inner quiet in the middle of things can shift our consciousness and body chemistry and alter the tone of our day.