Circles are everywhere in nature--planets, ripples in a pond, flower disks, rings in a tree. They're reminders of wholeness, fullness, and completeness. What's inside is moving through the space that's outside.

Pacific Moments
Private Collection (Oakland, CA)

35.5" W x 35.5" H
Cottons (hand-dyes and Indonesian batiks); Swarovsky crystals; hand-appliquéd, machine-pieced, layered, stitched.

Pacific Moments (detail)

Coastal Elements:
Air (Breathe It In),
Water (Oceanic Depths),
Fire (Sunsets Of Fire)
Private Collection (Lafayette, CA)

triptych = 62" W x 42" H
Indonesian batiks and other cottons;
machine-pieced and -appliqued, layered, stitched.

Coastal Elements (detail)


T'ung Jen - Fellowship/Heaven
Over Fire (detail)

T'ung Jen - Fellowship/Heaven
Over Fire (Hexagram 13 of I Ching)
Private Collection (Morgan Hill, CA)

38.5" W x 46" H
Silk, linen, cotton, and other fibers; ivory-like "beads"; hand-appliquéd, machine-pieced, layered, stitched.


Circles & Light (detail)

Circles & Light
Private Collection (Palo Alto, CA)

40" W x 58" H
Japanese cottons and silks
(including shibori), other cottons
and dupioni silk; hand-appliquéd,
layered, stitched.


Family Circles (detail)

Family Circles
Private Collection (Lincoln, CA)

11" W x 32" H
Indonesian batiks and dupioni silk;
beads; machine-appliquéd, layered.